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Program Overview

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is undertaking a multi-year Program to implement a comprehensive transformation of the policies, processes, and systems that support financial and human resource operations across all 150+ MA state governmental entities.  

The BEST Program will:

  • Transform business operations by supporting improvements in business processes, workflows, self-service and ease of use

  • Modernize technology including ensuring ready access to data and compatibility with mobile devices

  • Fortify security of the core systems that support our financial and administrative transactions

  • Migrate us to the next generation in user experience and the efficiency of our systems

This Transformation Program is co-sponsored by The Executive Office for Administration and FinanceThe Office of the Comptroller of the Commonwealth. and The Executive Office of Technology Services and Security.

At the core of this Program is a replacement of the state’s Financial and Human Resource applications:
Massachusetts Management, Accounting and Reporting System (MMARS) and the Human Resources/Compensation Management System (HR/CMS).  

In addition, the intent of the Program is to enable the potential implementation of additional functionality over time that support other enterprise administrative functions. 

Program Goals

Program goals will be further defined as we work with representatives of the user community. Important goals that we have currently identified include:

  • Implement business process improvements: Updates and standardization when feasible across Commonwealth entities

  • Eliminate redundancy: Eliminate administrative activities and systems that are duplicative, require redundant keying, complicate reconciliation of separate systems and are based on manual and paper-based processes

  • Ensure transparency and compliance: Overall transparency of data and compliance with appropriate requirements regarding security, protection of privacy, and management of risk

  • Enable efficient business practices: Evolve the Commonwealth to more efficiently conduct business with its employees, contractors and services providers through the expansion of self-service options

  • Provide technology and tools: Offer agencies’ business users with the necessary technology, tools, and training to enable them to access the data they require to meet their daily business needs on a real-time basis.

Program Timeline


Initial timelines are based around the Commonwealth Fiscal Year which runs from July 1 – June 30.


During FY2020, the Program finished Project Management Office set-up and pre-procurement activities culminating with completing the draft Request for Response for Software procurement. ​


Over the next 3-4 years, starting in FY2021, the Program plans to complete procurement for both Software and an Implementation Partner, Fit-Gap, Design and Implementation of the replacements for HR/CMS and MMARS.


Program phases are yet to be determined and will be decided based on information gathered during the Procurement processes and with input from the Executive Sponsors, Executive Steering Committee and the Program Management Office.  Additional enhanced functions not currently supported on an enterprise basis will be implemented within budget and time constraints or held for future implementations.