Program Management Office (PMO)

The Program Management Office (PMO) reports to the Executive Sponsors and is led by Program Manager, Helen O’Malley. It is also comprised of nine Functional Leads covering the following areas:

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Odile Breton, CPA

Financial Reporting

Functional Lead

Janet Briand

Program Coordinator

Tryntje Bumgardner

Change Management

Functional Lead

In the future, each Functional Lead will have a team of experts who will be assigned to the project. These teams will consist of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and staff of the software and implementation vendor(s) selected to implement the new solution.

chris guido statehouse background.png
Chris Guido

Technology Management

Functional Lead

Tatiana Peralta

Risk & Compliance

Functional Lead

catherine quan ps.png
Catherine Quan

Financial Management

Functional Lead

Caroline Russell

Communications Lead

Evanice Torres

Payroll Management

Functional Lead

Bill Weiss

Human Capital Management

Functional Lead