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Point of Contact Update (April 23, 2020)

To all of you on the front lines, we stay home for you!!

The Business Enterprise Systems Transformation (BEST) program team has continued our work, recognizing that timelines for so many of us across the Commonwealth have been disrupted.  We are continuing modified, judicious outreach to selected agency staff among our business partners to ask advice and input as we finish up our assessment of opportunities for improvement offered by a new solution – keeping in mind that these staff have limited time right now and for the near future.  We are also letting agency Points of Contact and Operation Work Group members know we appreciate all they are doing and that we as a Team are here for them. We are reconnecting with Operations Work Group members through virtual meetings to review what we "knew" before and to identify where we have even greater opportunities for advancement in this new landscape that we find ourselves in. We have updated our website and invite you to visit to see what we have accomplished to date. The OWG page includes all of the presentations from the 6 OWG sessions we hosted through February. The kickoff presentation was for both Finance and HR/Payroll with breakout sessions to review opportunities at a high level. The other sessions were specific to each OWG and included deeper dives into process flows in both Finance and HR/Payroll.

We look forward to connecting with you!!

Please let us know when would be a convenient time to connect with your agency. E-mail us

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