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POC Update February 18, 2021

Product Demonstration Videos Feedback

As a reminder, if you would like your feedback included in our recommendations to the Executive Sponsors, we ask that you view the videos and respond to the survey by close of business on Friday, February 19, 2021. Videos will continue to be available on this site for the foreseeable future.

Program Spotlight: Universal Benefit

As part of our regular communications, the BEST Program is spotlighting universal benefit opportunities and defining common terms related to the ongoing project to replace HR/CMS and MMARS.

Improved Mobile Support and Intuitive User Experience

UI. UX. U2. UB40. INXS. Are these all bands from the ‘80s? What do these acronyms mean?

Three of these are bands from the ‘80s but, UI and UX are not!! UI is the abbreviation for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. UI and UX interact with each other but are not the same thing.

UI includes everything that has to do with graphic design. UX extends beyond the graphics to the experience of the user. UX needs to incorporate the following elements:

  • Useful – the system must fulfill the users’ needs

  • Usable – the system must be as easy and intuitive as possible

  • Desirable – the user must want to use your system

  • Findable – the user must find important information quickly and navigation must be easy

  • Accessible – the system must allow all users the same user experience

  • Credible – the user must trust you and the product

A user’s mobile experience is very different from their desktop experience. System administrators must understand the difference between mobile UX design and desktop UX design. You cannot use the same design principles for both. Both designs must be intuitive.

An intuitive user experience increases employee productivity by focusing on empowering users to complete tasks faster, simplifying workflows and optimizing action buttons. It can make implementation easier as users get acquainted with the system faster. Intuitive user experience encourages and can accelerate user adoption of the system throughout the enterprise.

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