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POC Update January 21, 2021

Program Update

Request for Information (RFI) responses are due January 22, 2021 by 5pm.

The primary goal of the RFI process is to collect information about available software products that would meet the Commonwealth’s goals to improve the core systems supporting financial management and HCM/payroll. This information will help us develop a better, more focused RFR and create a more informed community of users to champion the future.

The team will provide updates as we move through the RFI Response Review process.

Program Spotlight: Universal Benefits

Increased Self-Service

Self-Service functionality is a key component of financial management, human capital management and payroll systems. In the last year, there has been an increased reliance on self-service channels within all systems. Whether you are a customer, employee, vendor or constituent, self-service allows you to find information, request services and resolve issues.

While most Commonwealth systems have some self-service functionality (SSTA, eProfile, ePay, VendorWeb, etc.) it is basic functionality that is informational at best. The successful implementation of more robust self-service functionality can lead to immediate increases in productivity and efficiency. Having direct access to and more control over their information improves user satisfaction and engagement, helping users feel empowered and saving time for fiscal, HR and Payroll staff.

Self-service functionality differs depending on both the audience and the system but, there are key components which should be included to ensure service-focused support.

· The functionality needs to be available. With a cloud-based ERP system, users can securely access the system from anywhere. They don’t have to wait until the next time they’re in the office to login, update their information and provide documentation nor do they have to open mail, scan documents, sign and mail back critical, sensitive documents.

· The support needs to be extensive. Support should include a knowledge base with a collection of FAQs, articles, videos, diagrams, how-to guides, and more. Providing detailed answers to commonly-asked questions including tips and hints, builds user satisfaction and enhances engagement.

Self-service options may take time to set up and adopt, but the time spent can be worth it if it helps to improve engagement with the system and streamline the way teams communicate.

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