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Point of Contact Update (June 18, 2020)

POC Kickoff Announcement

The Business Enterprise Systems Transformation (BEST) Program is scheduling an introductory meeting with all Agency Points of Contact (POC) in July. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14 at 10:00am. A meeting invitation will be sent by the team soon. The meeting will include a status update of the BEST Program and some of the identified areas for improvement within the functions of Financial Management/Reporting and HCM/Payroll. As a POC, you are a critical part of the BEST Program Team! You are asked to help us ensure that Agency leadership is aware of the Program and its status. Additionally, we ask that you provide the Program with feedback from Agency leadership and coordinate briefing sessions with the Program when needed. As a POC, you will also be working with your Agency’s Technical Point of Contact. The TPOCs assist the Program with feedback from the Agency related to technical issues such as:

  • Current system interfaces and ramifications of changes to those interfaces;

  • Reporting, data analytics and business intelligence needs of the Agency, both current and in the future;

  • Future system changes or upgrades that may affect the BEST Program; and

  • Unique data and system security needs specific to the Agency.

A separate introductory meeting has also been scheduled for TPOCs on Wednesday, July 15. Your Agency may also have a staff person who is a member of one of the Operations Work Groups (OWG) that have been advising the Program on Financial and HCM/Payroll requirements for the new enterprise solution. These staff are invaluable resources for POCs to tap to keep abreast of the Program, along with the bi-weekly updates for POCs sent out by the BEST Team. We look forward to our “virtual” kickoff meeting with you in July and hope you are all staying safe and well!

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