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Point of Contact Update (June 5, 2020)

Use Case Review

The Business Enterprise Systems Transformation (BEST) program has asked the Operations Work Group (OWG) members to review the use cases which have been compiled to be included with the Request for Response. The use cases are unique Commonwealth requirements for the proposed Enterprise Resource Planning system. Potential vendors will need to identify in their response the capacity of their product to address these requirements either through standard configuration or customization/enhancements.

OWG members have been asked to review and submit their feedback by June 12, 2020.

Technical Points of Contact

Last week the team connected with the Technical Points of Contact (TPOC) through our inaugural update. The message introduced Chris Guido as the Program's Technology Lead and listed the many requirements gathering streams that have kept Chris busy over the last few months.

The team is busy preparing a TPOC Kickoff session to introduce TPOCs to the project with an in-depth review of the work that has been done to date and to define expectations for the future of the program and TPOC involvement.

HR/CMS User Group Meeting

The BEST Program presented at the HR/CMS User Group meeting hosted this past Wednesday by the Comptroller's Office. We shared news about the BEST Program with HR and Payroll staff attending virtually. Please visit to view the update presented at the HR/CMS User Group meeting.

The team continues to send our thanks to those of you on the front lines and to all who continue to support the operations of the Commonwealth!!

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