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Point of Contact Update (May 21, 2020)

Connecting Through Distance

The Business Enterprise Systems Transformation (BEST) program team hosted two virtual sessions last week with the HR/Payroll and Financial Management/Reporting OWG groups.

The sessions were interactive and focused on understanding how department staff are managing to continue mission critical work while working remotely; as well as, identifying new opportunities for improvement or pain points that departments are facing now.

The response was great!! While many expressed feeling overwhelmed and challenged, they also expressed feeling grateful for the ability to continue to work safely and productively. This is in large part because of the leadership of all Commonwealth agencies and their ability to adapt and adjust in the best interest of our employees.

The team continues to send our thanks to those of you on the front lines and to all who continue to support the operations of the Commonwealth!!

FY2020-FY2021 Close/Open Session

The BEST Program presented at the FY2020-FY2021 Close/Open Session hosted this past Monday by the Comptroller's Office. We shared news about the BEST Program with Fiscal, HR and Payroll staff. We urged attendees to visit the website to learn more about how we are working with Operations Work Group members to draft requirements for the new solution and we highlighted the role of POCs as our communication link to agencies. Attendees may reach out to you to share their thoughts. When they do, please feel free to contact us

The Program is currently planning virtual, interactive sessions with POCs in the near future to provide more information and to hear from you.

Download PDF of Close Open from BEST :

Close Open May2020 Best Update
Download PDF • 486KB

We are available to connect!!

If your agency would like an update on the project, email us at:

We will be happy to schedule a virtual session!!

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