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Point of Contact Update (Nov 18, 2020)

Universal Benefit Opportunity: Dashboards

What is a Dashboard?

A dashboard, in ERP terms, is an easy-to-understand, visually intuitive graphical representation of key business performance metrics, easily accessed by users from a single screen. Color coded bar charts, graphs and other visual depictions of data give users a fast look at key metrics important to their functional area. The dashboards for an ERP solution will at a very basic level be created using data from the ERP system with the goal to integrate or migrate data from legacy sources and applications from across the Commonwealth.

(Just like your car dashboard shows alerts, notifications and other useful information, our future software solution will feature interactive dashboards and responsive notifications for a simplified user experience).

Think of your smartphone – when you see a notification, you can see an update that you can follow-up with or see a list of notifications to review later. Even dashboards for vehicles display critical information and alerts - this is what the BEST Program continues to research in order to deploy a modern, user-friendly experience.

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