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Point of Contact Update (Oct 22, 2020)

POCs and TPOCs

Collaboration between Agency Points of Contact and Technical Points of Contact will ensure all leadership is engaged and well informed. Please assist the BEST Program team with providing regular updates on the program status to your Agency Leadership.

As the BEST Program continues to work on procurement activities, we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight for you next steps in the project life cycle.

After procurement is completed and software identified, the Program Team and OWGs will be participating in fit-gap analysis for functional, technical and operating requirements. A fit-gap analysis determines where gaps in functionality exist when comparing operating or business requirements for the enterprise to system capabilities. The general process is as follows:

1. Identify and list requirements. A list of functionality needed to meet operating objectives, including any goals for efficiency and regulatory requirements, if applicable. The list should be prioritized based on common criteria for the organization.

2. Compare requirements to the capability of the system. Determine whether the selected software meets requirements through methodical assessment and input from functional users.

3. Determine where additional capability is needed. If the fit-gap analysis indicates that the system does not provide sufficient functionality determine the solution, as follows:

· Process Change. Change the business process to align with system capabilities. This can be an effective compromise to close the gap.

· Improve the configuration. Determine additional capabilities that are not implemented in your current configuration. Applying effective change management practices along the way will increase the chances of obtaining the desired implementation.

As the project moves into implementation phases, agency involvement will expand to support:

· Design and configuration sessions

· Software testing

· Modifications to current data exchanges

· Training and readiness preparation

We look forward to collaborating with all of you on these critical steps in the project life cycle.

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