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Point of Contact Update (Sept 10, 2020)

Transformation Spotlight: Financial / Accounts Payable

To better help our POC members understand the goals of the BEST Program, we are including transformation spotlights in this and future POC updates. The transformation spotlights highlight areas that the BEST program is targeting for process improvements.

Below, we have cited some potential improvements for the financial system that we plan to address:

Tracking / Spending

  • In the current system, Accounts Payable Tracking / Spending is difficult;

  • Associated documentation and delegation of next steps is cumbersome;

  • Goal: Future software to have capability to upload associated invoice with payment document in system so it is readily available for back up and audit tracking purposes.

Document Review

  • Reviewing draft documents requires opening each individual document;

  • Lack of workflow for pending documents requiring to be reviewed and finalized;

  • Goal: Future software to feature intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards that showcase critical information, as needed, and eliminate additional communications outside of system.

Data Entry

  • Information and reporting is strongly reliant on manual data entry;

  • Checking / Verification of manual data entry through system services unavailable;

  • Goal: Future software to cross-check or integrate with additional services to ensure any data entry is verified and accurate to prevent potential inaccuracies.

While the above goals may change (depending on the solution), the mission to understand how we can improve and advance the way we all work together remains the same. We thank you all for your continued support and we look forward to sharing more functional spotlights in future updates!

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