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Point of Contact Update (Sept 24, 2020)

BEST Collaboration Review

The BEST PMO team has been engaged with a number of work groups since January. These include two Operations Work Groups (OWGs), Points of Contact (POC), Technical Points of Contact (TPOC) and the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Each department has identified a Point of Contact (POC) and a Technical Point of Contact (TPOC). POCs will assist the Program in keeping Agency Heads and Senior Leadership Teams updated on the status of the program. They will be aware of meetings the program is planning with agency staff and will contact the PMO with any feedback from their Leadership or staff that would help the Program better address agency’s concerns or interests. POCs may also be asked to help coordinate information requested from agencies. TPOCs will assist the Program in keeping Agency Heads and Senior Leadership Teams updated on the status of the program as it relates to technology issues or matters. Additionally, TPOC members will: advise on current system interfaces and ramification of changes to those interfaces; reporting, share data analytics and business intelligence needs of the Agency, both current and in the future; share future system changes or upgrades that may affect the BEST Program; and ensure that the Agency’s unique data and system security needs are met. Operations Work Groups (OWGs) serve as a two-way communication and feedback group to ensure that the Commonwealth’s business and technical operations are successfully improved and transformed by the Program. There are two OWGs focused on Financials and HR/Payroll. The members of these groups are drawn from across state government and have knowledge of key operational requirements across all functional areas. They provide guidance to Program Functional Leads and will help to ensure that the business of the Commonwealth will be supported by the new solution. OWGs will make recommendations on topics such as impacts to operational policies, existing processes, records management, compliance, transparency, usability and security. The OWGs will also have Program Organizational Change Management / Communications participation whose role will be to work with OWG members to assure that clear and appropriate communications are provided to all organizations and that user input is solicited and incorporated. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) members have specific requests related to document review of Technical Use Cases and Critical Requirements. The members of this group are technology thought leaders from across the Commonwealth, representing the enterprise. While many TAG members are also TPOC members, the TAG team was established to advise the Program in various areas including Application Integration and Interfaces, Identity Management, Security and Network Support. If you would like to know if your department has a representative on the OWG or TAG, please email and a team member will respond.

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