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Program Update February 16, 2022

Procurement Update

BEST Executive Sponsors have determined that the Systems Integrator Bidder did not meet the minimum scoring threshold established prior to the start of the evaluation process for the Systems Integrator RFR. As a result, the Commonwealth cancelled both the Systems Integrator and Software RFRs.

Upon announcement of the cancellations, the Procurement Team posted to COMMBUYS the intent to issue a single integrated RFR comprising both Software and System Implementor solutions. Vendors that participated in the prior RFR process, as well as new participants, will be eligible to respond to this new posting.

The Executive Sponsors, relying on the expertise of the Evaluation teams and the Program Management Office throughout the process, are committed to building the strongest possible foundation for the success of the BEST project. We look forward to leveraging the work, knowledge, and experience gained from the prior RFRs to craft an effective and streamlined process in 2022!

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