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Point of Contact Update (April 8, 2020)

COVID-19 Changes the Way We Work

Since March 15, many Commonwealth agencies have changed the way that their staff does business. Many employees are working from home, while others support the people of the Commonwealth on the front lines. The BEST Program understands that the critical mission is the safety and health of the Commonwealth and Commonwealth employees.

Points of Contact

Q: Who are Points of Contact?

A: Points of contact are people appointed by each agency to receive periodic updates from the Program.

Q: How will points of contact engage with the BEST Program?

A: Agency Points of Contact will be responsible for sharing bi-weekly updates from the PMO with Agency leadership in order to keep them updated on the status of the Program. They will provide the BEST Program with feedback from Agency leadership and set up briefing sessions with the PMO, as needed. They should be aware of planned Program meetings with Agency staff and direct the PMO to appropriate resources when the Program needs specific information or involvement from the Agency.

Q: How can my agency engage?

A: While the Program team is working remotely, we have been able to stay connected and continue to develop the materials we will use to define software procurement requirements including building the business case and statutory requirements.

The team has the ability to connect “virtually” through Zoom meetings and/or through other tools. If your agency or secretariat has time to connect with us please send an e-mail to Transformation_PMO@mass.govand we will connect with you.

The Program is aware of the critical nature of all Commonwealth agencies during this unprecedented time. If your agency has the availability to engage with the team, we would appreciate the time to hear the opportunities which you would welcome in the new enterprise resource planning system.

When we return to "normal" we hope to bring points of contact from secretariats and other similar entities together to brief you on the Program formally and to determine with you the best way to communicate and engage with your agency leadership.

Until then, we are in this together!!

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