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Program Goals

Program goals will be further defined as we work with representatives of the user community. Important goals that we have currently identified include:

  • Implement business process improvements: Updates and standardization when feasible across Commonwealth entities

  • Eliminate redundancy: Eliminate administrative activities and systems that are duplicative, require redundant keying, complicate reconciliation of separate systems and are based on manual and paper-based processes

  • Ensure transparency and compliance: Overall transparency of data and compliance with appropriate requirements regarding security, protection of privacy, and management of risk

  • Enable efficient business practices: Evolve the Commonwealth to more efficiently conduct business with its employees, contractors and services providers through the expansion of self-service options

  • Provide technology and tools: Offer agencies’ business users with the necessary technology, tools, and training to enable them to access the data they require to meet their daily business needs on a real-time basis.

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